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It takes two to teach:

A good teacher and an equally earnest student. We look for the right artistic and creative aptitude of students, though one must have completed pre-university level programs.

Our faculty members are graduates who have completed B.Tec/Bsc/Msc/M.Tech in subjects including Fashion Design, Costume Design, and Fashion Technology. We also have Master/PG Diploma holders in Fashion Design in our faculty team. All our faculty members have good industry exposure and long work experience. We adopt experiential teaching techniques where students get more confidence in design and product development. We give them a lot of projects and practical exercises to experiment design concepts, to experience design success.

How to teach starts from what to teach. Our Curriculum & Product Development division is headed by experts, who have more than 10 years of work experience. We listen to the industry so as to know their unique requirements and incorporate their suggestions to our courses. Join Top rated Fashion Desiging institutes in lucknow,We Offer best fashion Desiging courses In Lucknow

Course TitleDuration (in Hours)
Master Diploma In Fashion Design600
Professional in Fashion Design 360
Professional in Fashion CAD200
Professional in Garment Design 200
Diploma in Fashion CAD120
Diploma in Manual Pattern Making 160
Certificate course on Manual Pattern Making80
Certificate course on Reach CAD80
Certificate course on Fashion Merchandising48
Certificate course on Reach Fashion Studio 40

Create art that people live their lives in!

Fashion and appearance help people present themselves to the world, get hired, impress their partner, and ultimately feel great about themselves. From workout wear to haute couture, to business formals someone somewhere had a vision and designed it. Thanks to increased awareness and accessibility to global brands, the fashion industry is in high demand. Besides clothing, fashion designers create accessories like purses, jewelry and shoes, as well as fashionable shirts and dresses. Not to mention the number of branded clothing departments available to design for.

As with any career, fashion design requires fundamental grounding on principles and concepts in order to be successful. DreamZone's School of Fashion Design engages students in the creative science of aligning with customer's unexpressed inspirations, and defining their fashion statements.

We offer a wide range of courses in the fields of fashion and design, bringing professionals into the classroom to transfer their valuable experience to our students. We teach theories involved in basic design, design principles, design elements, concepts, history, textile, pattern making, draping, garment construction, embellishments, fashion illustration, fashion studio and design software, fashion CAD software, fashion management and merchandising. In short, DreamZone is a melting pot of cutting-edge ideas where students learn from our master diploma what they would only from a full-fledged UG or PG fashion course.

The apparel industry, the primary job provider in fashion design, needs lots of professionals with design skill, and merchandising knowledge. India's apparel retail segment is fast growing with the growing affluence of people. This industry too needs a different set of creative professionals. The third important segment of media has been creating a growing demand for designers and stylists.

Major Job Titles & Roles

DreamZone helps students to get placed as:

Fashion Designers -

who produce garments for elite clients, celebrities and present their unique and elegant collection every season.


who play a vital role in apparel industry. They coordinate with Designers/Brands in Domestic/International and develop products from scratch and produce the huge quantity to present in the market on time.

Retail Merchandisers/Managers/Stylists

who analyze the trend and styles the customers like and make appropriate products available in stores for the current season.

Fashion Consultants

who work for media, apparel and retail segments to guide the industry with customer insights, technology inputs, and marketing plans. These jobs are created at fashion design companies, apparel industry, fashion retail industry, fashion accessories industry, fashion design institutions, and entrepreneurial ventures.


Course NameCoursewareCourse NameCourseware
Draping & garment Construction Fashion Management
Fundamentals of Fashion Designs Reach Cad

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